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When we first heard about Plexus products we were excited to try them for Summer’s health first.  She had not been able to conceive for some time and was not ovulating.  She was having terrible hormonal issues including severe acne breakouts, migraine headaches, fatigue, etc.  We tried the three product combination called Triplex – which includes Plexus Slim, ProBio5 and BioCleanse.  After the first month, her headaches went away.  She seemed to have some cleansing reactions as she detoxified but continued drinking plenty of water and sticking with it. A little past the three month point she announced that she was pregnant!

That same week, we heard the great news that my sister who had battled DAILY migraines for 10 years had experienced her first head-ache-free day! The debilitating headaches had been getting less and less severe over the previous weeks since starting on Plexus!

We signed up with Plexus to be able to get the cheapest prices on the products but have been delighted to be able to share it with others as well!

Products we use:

Plexus Slim: The delicious “pink drink” that everyone is talking about that is aimed at stabilizing blood sugar and overall health.

ProBio5: An amazing probiotic formula that is focused on gut health which is foundational for a healthy immune system and total body health.

BioCleanse: Need I say more?

XFactor: An amazing multivitamin.

XFactor Chewables: For the kiddos.

And more…

Laura N writes:

5 Great Reasons to start your journey to a healthier you with Plexus! 🙂

1. Do you take a multivitamin?
Next month, purchase Plexus XFactor instead of whatever drug store vitamin you’re taking. The aloe in XFactor helps your body absorb all the nutrients up to 300% more. Not only will you FEEL the vitamins working, you’ll see a difference in your skin, hair and nails… really! PLUS: The aloe soothes your intestinal track. So if vitamins normally burn or irritate your stomach, this will be an added benefit that you’ll love. (We can take these first thing in the morning & on an empty stomach even!)

2. Do you take a probiotic?
Swap your next bottle for Probio5. Similar to some other probiotics, ProBio5 loads your intestinal tract with good bacteria. PLUS: In addition to best quality probiotics, ProBio5 contains antifungals and enzymes to break down yeast overgrowth… important, because if you don’t kill the bad bacteria you’ll never win the battle in your gut. ProBio5 also contains B6 and grape seed extract too. Together these help to restore and balance your intestinal flora.

3. Do you fiber up on a daily basis?
Swap your next bottle with BioCleanse. BioCleanse contains a specially formulated magnesium compound and creates a GENTLE regularity. It also helps oxygenate your whole body, cleanses the digestive tract and arteries, supports collagen production and enhances weight loss!

4. Do you rely on energy drinks or coffee/sodas to get through the day?
Save the $$ you’re spending every day and try Plexus Slim. You’ll get an all-day, sustained energy, without the added caffeine. PLUS: You’ll get additional benefits that you don’t get from those energy drinks, such as balanced blood sugar and cholesterol, reduced cravings, etc.

Plexus offers a 60 day money back guarantee. So you literally have nothing to lose!


Check it out or give it a try yourself! Click here to go to our product page

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