"Whatever is pure, lovely, and of good report,  meditate on these things..."
"Whatever is pure, lovely, and of good report,  meditate on these things...""Whatever is pure, lovely, and of good report,  meditate on these things...""Whatever is pure, lovely, and of good report,  meditate on these things...""Whatever is pure, lovely, and of good report,  meditate on these things..."
Go Jesse..!






















































Cliff Jumping!
This is a webpage devoted to one of our favorite summer activities.  On a hot summer day, there's just nothing like getting in the van with a bunch of friends and heading up to the cliffs.  The cliffs go from 15 to 60 feet and higher.  There are trees to jump out of, beautiful waterfalls to jump into and plenty of great rock ledges to take the plunge from.

Some of the jumps have been named.. "The Manhood" is one that requires the hardest jump you got to clear a rock ledge. "The 60" (60 feet) is a rush because you gotta clear a little tree - clear the tree and you know that it's downhill from there (so to speak).  We like to do dives and flips, because it multiplies the fun.  Land wrong on just about any of them and you'll be sorry, but if you're careful, it can be such a great time!  You'll be hooked if you give it a chance = )
Anders Johansson - Everything!
Leif Johansson - Everything!
Jesse Long - Everything
Brenda Bohl - Everything
Ben Johansson - Everything
Robbie Kerruish - 60 feet
Brandon Penkoff - 60 feet
Tim Borg - 60 feet
Josh Headings - 60 feet
Nathan Powers - 60 feet
Nathan Faught - 60 feet
Kristi Bergman - 55 feet
Zane Brown - 55 feet
Joe Beach - 55 feet
Jordan Langess - 55 feet
Nicole Neal - 55 feet
Micah Russum - 55 feet
Ryan Sivertson - 55 feet
Joseph Long - 55 feet
Kayla Russum - 45 feet
Naomi Papillon - 45 feet
Sarah Long - 45 feet
Eric Kimes - 45 feet
Amber Peterson - 45 feet
Christen Edwards 45 feet
Caleb Berge - 45 feet
Cliff Patrick- 45 feet
Ryan Gardener - 45 feet
Daniel Horneman - 45 feet
Christian Talley - 45 feet
Kari Caouette - 45 feet
Lynda Quam - 45 feet
Bryan Bohl - 45 feet
Bryan Bohl - 45 feet
Greg Loken - 45 feet
Jon Handsaker - 45 feet
Becca Powers - 45 feet
Catherine Powers - 45 feet
Kim Edwards - 30 feet
Matthew Rohner - 30 feet
Sarah Rolf - 30 feet

Kirsten Olson - 30 feet
Abbey Wellumson - 30 feet
Jennifer Nash - 30 feet
Andrea Monseth - 25 feet
Luke Anderson - 25 feet
Jared Langness - 25 feet
Anna Long - 25 feet
Ryan Edwards - 25 feet
Lisa Bush - 25 feet
Whitney Huber - 19 feet
Lacey Gee - 15 feet
Lacey Peterson - 15 feet
Tamara Andrie - 15 = )
Melissa Crowell - 15 feet
Micah Horneman - 15 feet
email your name and height....
This is Zane pulling a beautiful grab off the 25.  This is at Whistle Lake, one of our favorite cliff jumping destinations.
**Caution**: Cliff jumping from extreme heights can be life threatening or invoke bodily injury.  Cliff jumping is not recommended by lukelong.com.  The following picture shows what can happen when swimming shorts are put through the intense impact of a high jump...
This is me, Luke, chuckin' a swan dive out of the tree.
I wonder if this is what it feels like to be a bird?
Here are Leif, Anders, Luke and Jesse just after some great jumping at Whatcom Falls.  It's a great time.
Luke hittin' a back flip off a cliff into a lake in Arizona.  This was a little oasis in the middle of the desert.An old lady on a noodle swam out to us and told us not to jump, but we told her that we were professionals. = )
Nice arch.
At right, Jesse is doing a back from the cliff at Whatcom Falls.
See the people in the background gettin' a good show.
My fellow cliffjumpers!!
This is Jesse doing "The Manhood" that I mentioned before.  He jumped further up on the cliff, cleared Brenda and the edge for a beautiful jump.  Very inspiring, Jesse.  Thank you.
Above - Luke doing a backflip at Whatcom falls.
Right - Another swannie from the 25.  Suchaparty.  

Almost a great as skydiving.


   And then there's bridge 

   but that's another story....

15 - Gotta clear junk and it's kinda freaky
25 - Higher but straight down and very deep.  Great cliff!
30 - Tree on the 25.  Great jump.
45 - Next big milestone.  Fun jump.  Long fall.
55 - Take a good leap 'cause you'll need it on this one.
60 - This is the highest and the best.  Some call it 75 feet but we'll have to measure it to make sure.  You gotta get a running start, jump off your strong foot and clear a little tree.  Take a board game to play on the way down.  Intense.
We like to do gainers, back - flips, doubles, swan dives, etc.

"Favorite memory....Doing a gainer over the head of a swearing fisherman..."